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In His Panic to Avoid Another Great Depression,

Ben Bernanke Is Going to Cause A Great Inflation

Find Out Exactly What You Need to Do Now

Everyone is worried about what’s going on with the economy. The Powers That Be continue to frantically give away huge piles of taxpayer money to get the US economy moving again and they’re not willing to see that the bridge in the direction they’re heading has collapsed.

Investment expert Michael Murphy, however, is doing what few seem willing to do: He’s calling out Chairman Bernanke, dispassionately laying out the numbers and building a solid case for what is going to happen next in the US and world financial environments. (Hint: It’s big and it’s bad!) But it doesn’t have to be bad for you. Why?

Because after Murphy tells the hard-to-swallow truth, he presents easy-to-follow instructions on how to protect your assets, your family, and your future before The Great Inflation kicks in.

Murphy was one of a very small group that sounded the warning on the real estate collapse and the government’s costly, ineffective response. He navigated his newsletter subscribers through the mess to a documented 148.5% gain in 2009, and continues to outperform the markets in 2010. And while most of that small group are now predicting deflation, Survive The Great Inflation gives you an abundance of facts, figures, charts and graphs to prove deflation is not the problem. It is high inflation that will demolish most people’s finances and retirement if they haven’t planned for it.

To survive the future you need to get a clear view of what’s happening now and the exact moves you need to make that will allow you to prepare for and prosper through what’s coming, no matter how extreme. That’s nothing less than what Survive The Great Inflation has to offer.

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Read Tomorrow’s Economic News Today

Wouldn’t it be great to read a newspaper from next year? You’d know whether to plan for inflation or deflation. You could see what would be going on in the country and the world, which investments would be winners and which not. You could actually prepare for the future with some measure of confidence.

Survive the Great Inflation lets you do that.

Anyone can make predictions based on speculation. But to prepare intelligently, you need a guide that extrapolates future events based on well-supported reasoning, clear facts, reliable figures and 40 years of study and knowledge of historical cycles and trends. That’s exactly what Michael Murphy gives you in Survive the Great Inflation.

“Murphy was one of the few letter editors – heck, make that one of the very few analysts anywhere – to effectively anticipate the Crash of 2008.”Peter Brimelow,

Unlike shrill “the sky is falling,” sometimes politically-biased books out there, Michael Murphy has no agenda other than preparing you and your portfolio to not only survive, but take advantage of the investments that will flourish under the coming economic conditions we are certainly going to see:

Life-changing conditions that will decimate most people’s portfolios and destroy their retirements because they have no idea what’s coming!

More specifically, this book resolves the Inflation/Deflation Debate. This issue is the most important factor affecting your future investment returns because the type of assets you want to own in the coming inflation are exactly opposite from the type of assets you would want to own in a deflation.

You’ll learn what to do about:

  • Stocks/Mutual funds/ETFs
  • Gold & silver
  • Bonds
  • Real estate & REITs
  • T-bills, CDs, cash and more.

Murphy reveals the powerful Barbell Portfolio strategy for earning high returns with low risk, no matter what happens. He covers issues critical to your future including : US taxes, the US deficit, and what’s going on with countries, like China, that profoundly influence the US economy.

The Bottom line: You don’t need next year’s newspaper to know what’s going to happen so you can know what to do about it now. You need this book.

“A near legend in Silicon Valley for his stock picking prowess.”
Nation’s Business

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Meet The Author

Michael Murphy, an honors grad in economics from Harvard and a Chartered Financial Analyst, has been in the markets for 40 years as a stock analyst and investment newsletter writer. He sidestepped the Crash of 2007-2008, and in 2009 his New World Investor was up 148.5%. In Survive The Great Inflation he tells you exactly how to protect your family, your future and your fortune from The Great Inflation caused by the misguided bank bailouts and money-printing policies of the worst Fed regime ever.

Michael is an award-winning writer with numerous influential articles on finance, and authored the business best seller, Every Investor’s Guide to High-Tech Stocks and Mutual Funds. He has been a featured investment expert in Worth, is often quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Money, and makes frequent appearances on CNBC and CNNfn.

After graduating with honors in Economics from Harvard, he became a computer programmer in the nascent computer industry. He then took advantage of a fortuitous opportunity at American Express and made a career shift to technology stock analyst. American Express was a venture capital investor in a little semiconductor start-up named Intel, and Michael grew up along with Silicon Valley. He became Vice President: Investment Planning & Control for American Express Investment Management in San Francisco, then a Chartered Financial Analyst. Next, he spent several years at Capital Research & Management/American Funds as a Security Analyst and Director of Investment Statistics.

Shortly after the introduction of the IBM personal computer, Michael foresaw the opportunity for individual investors and left Capital Research to found the highly successful California Technology Stock Letter, which later became today’s New World Investor. He also has been Chief Investment Officer of three mutual funds and CEO of two software companies.

“Murphy has done many things right. His service was the second-best in 2009, for example, among the nearly 200 rated by the Hulbert Financial Digest (HFD), with a gain of 148.5%.” – Mark Hulbert, Hulbert Financial Digest


“Technology whiz Michael Murphy focuses on the mega-trends in technology and biotechnology and his favorite plays in those sectors.” – Joe Bradley, Investor’s Hotline


“I’ve been working in computer R&D since the late 60’s. I was jealous of friends who paid for their Silicon Valley houses using investments in Hi-Tech. The field just seemed too confusing and too volatile…I found Murphy after a search of and what a great book! He explains the industry and it all fit together with what I knew from experience.”
Richard S. Loe reviews Every Investor’s Guide to High-Tech Stocks & Mutual Funds by Michael Murphy


“I’ve been getting Michael Murphy’s New World Investor for more than three years. In that time I’ve made lots of money off of DNDN’s triple digit gains in 2007 and 2009…I recently renewed for three years and it will be the only newsletter I get when my others expire.” – Traydon’s review on
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